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MÁV Repülőklub – one of the oldest gliding club in Hungary – welcomes every visitors (and visiting pilots) who would like to have some nice flights and see a beautiful airfield in the close vicinity of Budapest. Our base, the Farkashegy Airfield located West of Budapest, – South of Budakeszi – can be reached easily by car, or public transport services. (scroll down for directions)

If you are visiting as a pilot (by airplane) please click here for navigation charts and airport information.

Who we are

MÁV Repülőklub was established in 1930 and we are the oldest Hungarian gliding club in continuous opeartion since then. Our founders were workers of MÁV Istvántelki Főműhely (Hungarian State Railway, Main workshop of Istvántelek – MÁV is the abbreviation of the State Railways) hence the name of our club. After the end of the communist era, sport flying in Hungary gradually changed, and the financial support ended from the State Railways, but we kept our name for traditional reasons. In the past ten years, the club went through mayor fleet and operational restructuring, nowadays we have one of the youngest fleet in the country, and we became the operator of the Farkashegy Airfield.

What we do

Our primary objectives are flight training, promoting air sports – especially among youths, providing appropriate place for gliding flights, and training our enthusiastic pilots for competitions. The airfield is also a venue for some major events, like the annual Budakeszi Family Day festival. If you are interested in organizing an event at the airfield don’t hesitate to contact us!

Demonstration glider rides

The main gliding season starts in late April and lasts until October. We usually fly on weekends, visitors are always welcome. If you would like to fly with us, just come to our airfield and look for MÁV Repülőklub. Preliminary consultation is not required, but we recommend it for you, therefore we can guarantee free airplane, and you may have a longer flight.

You will be sitting in the front seat, in a K7 or PW6 glider and enjoying the magnificient view of the Buda Mountains and the whole city of Budapest, even from 1000m above! Not to mention the unique feeling and comfort of a quiet engineless flight. An instructor will take you for the ride, and you can also try to fly the airplane “on your own” (if you want)! An average flight from winch launch lasts for about 6 minutes, but if the weather is good, it can be extended. If you are interested in gliding, it is a good idea to try it prior to starting a flight training. If you purchase a 8000 HUF (about 25 EUR) supporting voucher you are entitled for the basic 6 minutes demonstration flight, and – if the weather permits – for additional 300 HUF / minute (about 1 EUR) the flight can be extended. Keep in mind, gliding is a heavily weather dependent activity, so the length of the ride can’t be guaranteed. The fee is calculated on a minute basis after landing. See our contacts below.

Directions by Car

Budapest (from South): on the M1-M7 highway from Budapest, keep right onto M1, then take the first exit to Törökbálint, Budakeszi. After leaving the highway, turn left, then go through the intersection. The airfield will be on the right side, the car parking is located at the rear side of the hangars. (turn right from the road, before passing the hangars) Budakeszi (from North): the airfield will be on the left side. Pass the bus stops, then at about 100 meters turn left, after passing the big hangars. Parking is prohibited at the airfield gate, please use the designated parking, described above.

Directions by public transport

From Széll Kálmán Square take the 22 or the 22A bus line to its terminal station. The final station of the 22A is in Budakeszi center, where it is easy to change to the Volán bus, which has a station at the airfield, (Farkashegyi Repülőtér) or you can reach the airfield by a 25 minutes walk. The final station of the bus 22 is Tesco-Parkcenter, from here the airfield can be reached by a 10-15 minutes walk. Click here, for the 22, 22A bus schedule, and here for the volán bus. (779) From the Tesco-Parkcenter there is a bike path (independent from the road) directly to the airfield. We recommend  to walk there, if you choose to come by foot.

Airfield on Google Maps   Website of the airfield


Chairman: Jácint Finta – klub@mavrepuloklub.hu – +36-30-631-6392 – Event organisation, Glider rides

Chief Instructor: Péter Bánki – kepzes@mavrepuloklub.hu – +36-20-579-2139 – Pilot training, Glider rides

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